flagPart of our core commitment is implementing the Nigerian local content policy on training indigenous hands in the technical and software application section of deepwater engineering for Exploration and Production of oil and gas.

The majority of Nigerian engineering graduates, compared with their colleagues from Europe, Asia and America, grossly lack the required knowledge, research, and technical software skills for deepwater project development. This has caused an influx of unprepared and unskilled graduate engineers into the job market. The engineers who are currently proficient in this area have had some level of overseas education or have participated in on-the-job trainings with multinational companies.
While we wait for the current Nigerian Universities’ engineering curriculum to be revised, our deepwater engineering software training is a proactive step in an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap and repackage our entry, mid-level and experienced engineers for real-time subsea and naval engineering project work.
By organising such trainings, the aim is to involve more Nigerians in deepwater engineering design and analysis and overall improvement of indigenous participation in the oil and gas upstream activities.