oil platformThe Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry course is a foundational class designed for individuals who are new to the industry or simply curious about how the industry works. It is a general overview of the industry’s activities as relates to hydrocarbon exploration and production.
The course is packed full of practical examples, photos, videos, diagrams and industry case studies that bring the oil and gas industry to life so you can get a deeper understanding of the operations of the industry.



– Introduction

– Review of Nigerian Oil & Gas Operators

– Key Nigerian Onshore & Offshore Fields 

– Origin of Oil & Gas

  • Hydrocarbon Formation
  • Hydrocarbon Migration

– Exploration

  • 3D Seismic Survey
  • Mapping
  • Exploratory Drilling  

– Drilling

  • Well Casing
  • Well Cementing
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Well Completion


– Oil & Gas Production

  • Types of Production Vessels
  • Onshore Production Operations
  • Offshore Production Operations

– Oil & Gas Transportation

  • Via Onshore Pipeline
  • Via Subsea Pipeline
  • Via Crude Oil Export Tanker
  • Via LNG Export Tanker
  • SPM & CALM Buoys

– Crude Oil Refining

  • Refining Process
  • Petroleum Products

– Oil and Gas Terminologies

– Role of DPR & NNPC

– Nigerian Local Content Information


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