When coming for the training what should I bring?

Please come along with a valid form of Identification so that the security personnel will allow you access into the facility. All other necessities like note pad, pen and feeding would be provided. 

How can I register?

Use this link, www.petrocarbon-eng.com/trainings to register. Once we get your registration we would send you all the necessary additional information

How do I find your course calendar for the year?

A link to the course calendar can be found on our homepage. Click on it to view and download.

Do you offer internships or trainee positions?

Unfortunately we are not currently offering any internship or trainee positions

Will certificates be issued after the training?

Yes a certificate of training would be issued at the end of the training session

When is the next training?

Please see our course calendar for more details.

How much is the training?

The cost of training would normally depend on your course of interest. Please see our course calendar for more details.

Do you have plans to start training in Port Harcourt?

Yes we are already making plans for training to commence in Port Harcourt by January 2015. Please see our Course Calendar for more details.

What kind of background do I need to have to attend the training?

The training is open to candidates with background in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or I.T

Is there a guarantee of job after the training?

Unfortunately WE CANNOT GUARANTEE JOBS after the training. We are only providing this training service, after which we would issue certificates of training to successful candidates (There is usually a test after each training)

Do you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide accommodation at the moment, we only provide feeding

What does the cost of training include?

Training cost includes lunch, course materials, instructor’s fee and venue hire

What is the duration of training?

Please see our Course Calendar for more details

Why can’t you hold this training in other cities like Abuja, Calabar, etc.?

Unfortunately at the moment trainings hold only in Lagos. However we have plans to start training in Port Harcourt by January 2015.

Is there any form of discounts on the cost?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer any discounts.

Does the training include drilling and offshore technology modules?

The OrcaFlex software training amongst other areas will include modelling flow in a subsea pipe. There would also be elements of subsea drilling when we are looking at installation of a BOP.

Would the OrcaFlex software training certification alone qualify me as an offshore installation personnel, with job opportunities?

Firstly, the training is not a certification; Petrocarbon Engineering ltd is only providing this software training to improve attendees’ proficiency in this area. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE JOBS AFTER THE TRAINING.
Some of the simulations that would be studied during the training would include subsea pipeline installations, riser installation and pipe lift from the seabed. So you will gain a good knowledge of offshore installation and its practical application to offshore oil and gas production.

What are the necessary materials required for the training?

You do not need to bring any material for the training. Laptops, course material, pen, notepad and software would be provided.

How do we pay for the training and is part payment allowed?

The software trainings cost is N120,000. Our bank details is as follows:
Account Name: Petrocarbon Engineers Ltd
Account Number: 0049010100
Bank Name: Diamond Bank
Part payment is allowed; you can pay 70 percent of the cost to secure a sit and the remaining 30 percent on or before the commencement of the program.

When is the latest time to make payments?

Payments MUST be received at least 2 weeks before the start date. We cannot guarantee a place for you if your payment is received after this time, we would normally issue a refund. There are only 20 available sits for each software training session.

Is AutoCAD knowledge required for the training?

Knowledge of AutoCAD is not a prerequisite

Do you undertake online course?

At the moment we do not undertake online courses. However we are making plans to commence online training soon.