This course aims to provide information on the dynamics of floating offshore structures. Areas such as ship hull structure, marine hydrodynamics, basic concepts of ship stability & hydrostatics, ‘ship’ resistance & propulsion, etc. will be covered from the fundamental principles and their applications to offshore structures will be discussed. The design aspect of the offshore structure, response and structural fatigue, are important elements of the dynamic response and will be explained.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Offshore Floating Systems
(Generic floating systems, floating units, station-keeping, risers, offloading- tandem, buoy and SBS, regulatory regime)

• Principles of Naval Architecture
(Hull structures, marine hydrodynamics, basic concepts of stability & hydrostatics, ‘ship’ resistance & propulsion)

• Design of FPSO Hull Structure
(Basic Intact & damage Stability: MARPOL & MODU-Code, static & dynamic loads, hull structure – global, local & detail)

• FPSO Structural Integrity Management
(Marine Vs Offshore approach, Failure modes, Structural inspection & NDE, anomaly assessment & mitigation)

• Group Exercise

• Conclusion

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